Rhea Bierman Montgomery

December 13, 1938 - August 31, 2018
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Rhea Ann (Turner) Bierman Montgomery, 79, of Stillwater, passed away on August 31, 2018 at the Oklahoma Heart Hospital. She was born December 13, 1938 in Mountain View, Oklahoma to Austin & Rilma (Watson) Turner. She graduated from Con-8 High School . Rhea married Richard Bierman in 1965 and resided in Roosevelt for many years. Rhea loved Western Oklahoma and her many friends, church family and the memories created. On December 5, 2003 she married Warren Montgomery and they later moved to Stillwater in 2006, where they enjoyed many friends, family and their community.

She is survived by
her husband, Warren Montgomery, of Stillwater
her three children:
Quinn Bierman(spouse - Sabrina) of Tulsa;
Richelle (spouse - Ryan) Clingan of Derby, KS;
Swanson Bierman of Tulsa;
six grandchildren Shelby, Dylan, Will, Cale, Kelby and Colt;
two sisters and many other dear family friends.

Funeral services will be at 10:00 a.m. on Tuesday, September 4, 2018 at the Stillwater Church of Christ.
Graveside services will follow at the Hobart Rose Cemetery in Hobart, Oklahoma at 4:00 p.m. under the direction of Ray & Martha's Funeral Home.

Service Information

Date: September 4, 2018
Time: 10:00 am
Date: September 4, 2018
Time: 4:00 pm

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Gary and Jean Schmidt
Midlothian, TX
We are sorry to hear about your loss. Your mom was wonderful person.
Linda McCannon
Hobart, OK
Warren so sorry to hear about Rhea . She has always been a special lady . Another family member gone. Cherish the memories
Johnney & Joyce VanDerPol
Roosevelt, OK
Warren and Kids, so sorry for your loss of a very special Lady !!
Our prayers are with you !! Love Johnney & Joyce !!!
Lisa Ouellette
Belle Plaine, KS
Sorry for your loss. She was a very special lady to her daughter and grandkids. I only met her a couple of times but heard many great stories. Prayers
Courtney (Martin) Robbins
Hobart, OK
Such a beautiful lady, inside and out. Always kind and dressed to impress! Thank you for all the childhood memories you and your family have me. May your family find peace and comfort. Love you always
Betty Callen
Mtn. Park, OK
I love you kids and pray Gods comfort for you. Your mom was a good friend and we will miss her.
Phillip R Liles
Snyder, OK
Rhea's greatest trait was her infectious laugh.  If you weren't smiling when she entered the room, you would be shortly.  She was the life of the party, yet she upheld very high standards for her family and friends.  If you knew her, you knew how smart she was, and she didn't mind going against the crowd.  From her diesel cars to her choice of schools for her kids to her choice of residence, she did what was best for her clan.  One of my favorite experiences was when I was working for Quinn and Swanson at Air Hygiene.  I was traveling from Tulsa to Texas and stopped off at my folks Insurance office in Snyder to say hi.  About that time a southbound VW slams on its brakes and whips in to the next parking spot.  It was Rhea and she couldn't imagine one or her boys trucks being in Snyder without being stolen.  The look on her face when she recognized Mom and I was absolutely precious.  Years before, Richard, Dad, Rhea, and Mom had been runnin' buddies thru Farmer's Union, going on trips and attending Conventions together.  And decades before that Richard had been a College roommate of my Uncle.  I have missed Rhea for some time now, but will always hold a special place in my heart for the Mom's Mom.  ?
karen coakley
Hobart, OK
Oh my, How I loved this woman.  Her laugh would light up my life, she had always been one of John Coakley's favorite people.  He loved to tease her, just to hear that laugh and get advise from her, To her three children, I give you prayers and hugs. To her husband, sorry for this loss and I know you will miss her.  I know her grandchildren will miss her tremendously. RIP my friend and I know John will recognize you, have a great reunion with my sweet John.
Jay McCormick
Hobart, OK
Prayer's for the family
Mary Kay Garrison
Chickasha, OK
I am so sorry for your loss.  Rhea was loved by many.  I pray for peace and comfort for the family!
Judy Davis
Edmond, OK
So sorry.  We will all miss her.  Praying for you, Warren, and family.  Love!!
Frank & Judy
Arlene Millermon
Prayers for the family May you find peace
Russ and Teesha Linck
Jenks, OK
We can hardly believe it’s been nearly 30 years since this newlywed couple met Rhea at Quinn and Sabrina's wedding. Over the years we have known her to be a beautiful, funny and formidable woman. Through holidays, sporting events, birthdays and other family gatherings she became a permanent staple in our lives. Even our 3 kids think of Her as Granny B. Our hearts go out to Warren, Quinn, Richelle, Swanson and all her precious grandkids. She will be dearly missed! Love you all!
Erma Krieger
Hobart, OK
Rhea was the best friend l could ever have hope for,there will never be another like her.I will always be their for you kids,All you have to do is call.????
melanie bosin hendrix
lawton, OK
prayers for the family
Bonny Real
Much love and sympathy to you all! Rhea will be missed by all. Prayers for your comfort.
Phyllis Krehbiel
Roosevelt, OK
So sorry for your loss. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.
Sabrina Bierman
Tulsa, OK
Thoughts by Sabrina Bierman (daughter-in-law)

Sometimes life punches you right in the gut. That happened to us on Friday when Rhea passed from this life. Of course, we know she is in heaven, of course we know her body is whole, believe me, we take great comfort in knowing God is sovereign and He is in control, and she knew Him intimately as her Lord and Savior, yet somehow right now it feels better to be sad, to grieve, to admit I believed her when she said she would live to be 110. I wasn’t ready, she wasn’t ready, she had more life to live, but yet, if I stop to think about it she didn’t waste a minute on this earth-Granny B Lived Well, Laughed Often, and Loved Much.

In fact, if you knew Rhea at all you know she liked to give advice. And really, everything I ever needed to know I could have learned from my mother-in-law:
1. Old time gospel hymns are the best. If you can’t listen to those, listen to classic country, it runs a close second.
2. NEVER leave home without your jewelry. Well, really never leave home without a full ensemble looking like a million bucks! This might include, but is not limited to hats, scarves, and pins.
3. Take care of your skin! (She loved Shelby so because she soaked this in and listened, unlike Richelle and me.)
4. CELEBRATE BIG! Celebrate birthdays and holidays to the fullest.
5. Grandkids are the best, but make sure they mind at all times. (Everyone of my kids has a great story about getting a hard spanking from Granny B!)
6. Don’t tell you kids how great they are, they might get the big head, just tell everybody else.
7. Keep your close friends and family nearby.
8. Take the time to sit, drink many cups of black coffee, and visit.
9. Don’t be afraid to be with those who are grieving or suffering. They need somebody.
10. Pray and do good deeds in private. The Bible says so.
11. Go outside your comfort zone every once in a while! It will do you good!
12. TRAVEL! And all you really need is a map. Throw that dumb GPS out the window!
13. Never sit still!
14. Enjoy hobbies! (She had many-painting, cooking, sewing, quilting, decorating)
15. If it’s not bright, it’s not worth buying!
16. If you can’t sing, Sing anyway!
17. Life is short, eat dessert first.
18. If someone is celebrating- baby, wedding, birthday- give them a gift!
19. When you call someone, always act as if it is a true emergency. People call you back quicker that way!
20. A real cook doesn’t need a recipe.
You get the picture...Rhea had lots of advice!

My relationship with Rhea was not always an easy one, in fact our sweet relationship is one of the things in life I am most proud of because we found a way to mutually love each other through the years and neither of us ever gave up on that. She was hard on me at times, but someone needed to be. You see we were both strong-headed firstborn females who loved the same man fiercely, but thought we each knew best how that should be done. When I realized there was room for both of us in Quinn’s life, it made it easier, but when I gave her grandkids, I think I really won her heart!

Growing up I always had nice things, but we never bought anything full-price. When I married Quinn we were still in college and had very little money. Rhea would come to Stillwater and take me to the Wooden Nickel and buy me full-price dresses and outfits! We moved to Birmingham and Rhea and I would shop until we dropped. I remember vividly talking to her about a girl at church there in Birmingham who had everything and how she was bragging about her Maggie London dresses, Rhea quickly made sure I had a couple to call my own. As I look back on that, that’s when Quinn was really in trouble because that’s where my love of shopping began. ?? Dont be fooled though, she could always shop circles around me!

During the holidays, I couldn’t wait to walk through her house and see what wonderland she had created with her decorating. She would touch nearly every surface with some Christmas decoration. She had an extensive collection of Santas and she kept those up year round. She had many traditions and she was always consistent in that. She loved to give presents- I had never seen such extravagance. She worked hard to ensure that everything was perfect and that our time spent together would be special and remembered.

There is no denying that Rhea was one special lady! We have heard from many that she had an impact on them, that she was one-of-a-kind and even that she was an icon. There might be those that say she didn’t accomplish much on this earth, but if she were standing before you today she would disagree with you emphatically because she believed that ultimately her claim to fame, her greatest joy, and her biggest accomplishment was the three perfect children she raised.

Rhea, if anyone can make heaven look better it would be you! Get it ready for us...we’ll be there soon!

Love, Your Favorite Daughter-in-law, Sabrina
- [ ]
Linda Binghom
Hobart, OK
So sorry for your loss! She was a neat lady and so much fun. She will be missed.
Pam Wolford
Stillwater, OK
Tuesday morning Ladies Bible class will never be the same.  Rhea could put just about anything out there for discussion.  I loved her laughter (and surprise) when I would zing something back her way, Lol .... there will be a hole in my heart for such a unique and worthy kindred spirit.
Mark Patten
Bossier City, LA
I just wanted to send my deepest regrets and let you know that in the next coming days you guys will be in my thoughts and prayers. 


Mark & Kristi Patten
Kelsey Smith
Stillwater, OK
Our prayers and thoughts are with the family during this difficult time.  She was a great lady and I enjoyed her very much.  God bless you.
Chelsie Lewis
Stillwater, OK
I had the privilege of cutting your mother's hair for 13 years. I will miss her so much and I will be praying for the entire family. God Bless
Michael Lorenz/Velda Lorenz
Stillwater, OK
We were saddened to learn of Rhea's passing.  We extend our sympathies to Warren and the family.  May our Lord and Savior grant you mercy and peace in this difficult time.
Your Neighbors
Dale Tufford
Great memories of the Turner family.  We lived "across the creek" and had lots of adventures with the best of neighbors. To Geraldine and Austalene My deepest sympathy.  Dale
Daryl and Velva Bond
Yukon, OK
Lots of fun memories! Rest In Peace.
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